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Как похудеть


Wellness nutrition program "Healthy Meal" offers you to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle, starting with diet. The health of a person, his appearance, mood and General well-being depends on nutrition. The program "Healthy Meal" aims to provide You with delicious, balanced meals, as a result of which You will come to the desired weight.

The program "Healthy Meal" helps people:

  • диета для похудения To reduce the weight
  • Хочу похудеть To gain muscle mass
  • To maintain the desired
    normal weight
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Work scheme

Представляем вам наши новинки

Эконом пакет 850 калорий:

  • 14 дней - 65 000 тг, 
  • 21 день - 85 000 тг, 
  • 30 дней - 115 000 тг 

Эконом пакет 1200 калорий: 

  • 14 дней - 68 000 тг, 
  • 21 день - 91 000 тг, 
  • 30 дней - 125 000 тг 

Эконом пакет 1800 калорий: 

  • 14 дней - 75 000 тг, 
  • 21 день - 109 000 тг, 
  • 30 дней - 148 000 тг

Отличие пакета «Эконом» от пакета «Стандарт» 

  1. нет возможности исключить/добавить какие либо продукты, рацион клиента готовится строго по стандартному меню; 
  2. нет возможности заморозки/приостановления программы в течении курса; 
  3. нет возможности возврата денежных средств при отказе от программы, но есть возможность передать программу третьему лицу;

Order and payment

  • Consultation with program Manager.
  • Assistance in choosing a program. Final program selection and payment.
  • Filling in personal data, if there are features on health.
  • Transfer data to a dietitian for review and to develop conclusions.
  • After the final selection of the program, the courier will deliver the first ration from the selected program.
  • On the first day of delivery, the payment is done via the courier.

Delivery of healthy food

  •  Ready meals are laid out in special sealed containers, which can be heated in the oven or microwave oven.
  • Delivery is carried out by our courier drivers who shall make a call one hour before departure and deliver the bag to the place you specified. (The delivery time is from 17 00 to 22 00).
  • Delivery of healthy food is carried out in special bags-containers. A bag-container ensures the safety of products for 5-6 hours from the delivery.
  • Bag-containers and cooler elements are returnable and sent to the courier with the following delivery.


  •  a variety of meals will not allow our menu to bore You.
  • You can not only reduce weight, eat right and improve your health, but also get real pleasure from delicious food without strict prohibitions and restrictions. Diet can be enjoyable!
  • 5 meals a day, consisting of 6-8 courses allow to avoid feeling hungry, even with a diet program for weight loss.
  • Eating according to our programs, you do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of delicious food, but at the same time you eat balanced. Moreover, desserts are included in the menu of all programs. We tried to make the restrictions invisible to you, so that proper nutrition not only benefits, but also pleasure.


  •  If you have any questions or psychological difficulties with the program of your choice, we have a psychologist in our team who can help overcome the difficulties. You write your questions to the electronic mailbox, and you will be consulted within 24 hours.

References about our work

To place an order fill in the fields and You will be contacted within 24 hours
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